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At North Star Landscaping LLC. We’ve learned that exceptional customer service starts and ends with going above and beyond the customer’s expectations. We will take that extra step to ensure your satisfaction! And make this the best experience you have ever had.

Located in Kenmore, servicing Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, as well as our commitment to outstanding results. Our honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business has help build our relationships with our clients. This and our more than 12 years of experience, has helped guaranteed the satisfaction of each one of our clients.

What We Do




Stone walls are a kind of masonry construction that has been used for thousands of years. Let us help you with the perfect choice


Hydroseeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to the traditional process of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.


Mowing, Edging and trimming, pruning, maintains plants, flowers, trees, sod, and other natural materials like rocks and mulch.


Start laying turf along a straight edge, such as a patio, a fence, flower bed or driveway. Work with whole pieces, laying them one at a time, end to end. Avoid walking on the sod as you lay it, and rake out any footprints you make in soil as you go.

  • How Can A Well-Landscaped Property Help Sell My Home?
    When selling your home, the landscaping is often one of the first details prospective buyers notice — and attractive and well-maintained lawns and plantlife adds curb appeal and a welcoming aesthetic. With a well-landscaped property, you can even see up to 10% home value added, so take your landscape project seriously.
  • How Much Water Does My Lawn Need in Summer?
    For lawns located in the northern area of the country, it's recommended to water your landscaping deeply and infrequently at least one inch per week.
  • Why is Mowing the Right Height and In Alternating Patterns Important?
    Having your grass cut at the right height — recommended at three inches — will cause less damage to your grass and prevent any stress that could negatively impact your lawn. With proper height and alternating trimming patterns, your lawn will be healthier — which allows for shading, fights against weed growth and protects the grass against insect damages.
  • When Is the Best Time To Reinvent Landscaping?
    Some may assume springtime is the ideal season for landscaping installations, but for plantings like trees, shrubs and grass, fall is the best time for projects because of the warm days and cool evenings and the increased precipitation that assists new plant establishment. With fall plantings, you'll have six to eight months to get roots established before warmer months, weeds are less frequent and the soil temperature is still warm. However, for perennial and annual flowers, springtime is the best time for planting.
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